Configure new “Special Receive Connector” in Exchange 2013

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In Exchange 2013 once finished configuring the sending connector and the accepted domain politics the receiving connector must be configured in order for it to receive e-mails from outside the server, by default he’s configured to just receive internal e-mails.

The receiving connectors are used to control the flow of messages received by Exchange. In Exchange 2013 the receiving connectors are configured by the server through the transport service or through the Front End Transport service.



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  1. The receiving connector can be configured by connecting to the Exchange Admin Center and then going to the “mail flow” menu, select the “receive connectors” button. In the next window we will be presented with a list of receiving connectors within out domain. We will select “Default FRONTEND”-the name of the server that is classified as FrontEnd Transport type.



2. Once “Default FRONTEND-name server” selected, press Edit button and on the next screen press the Security button.



3.  Its imperative to check the “Anonymouse” checkbox so that all the internet users can send e-mails towards your domain.


Pressing the save button we have configured the new Exchange 2013 Connector and we can start receiving outside of our domain e-mails.

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