How to Auto Silence Notifications with Digital Wellbeing

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Google has worked a lot on Digital well-being ever since it got introduced, as the name suggests it takes care of your well-being in the digital world so that you can find time for yourself and your loved ones. One such thing is silencing those annoying notifications while charging your phone.


  • Open Google Clock App, and go to Bedtime mode

  • Click on Get Started

  • You need to set your wake-up and bedtime in the app.

  • Now if your phone supports digital wellbeing, then you’ll see this Bedtime Mode.
  • Click on Bedtime Mode

  • Set it to While Charging at bedtime

  • Enable Do Not Disturb, you can also enable Grayscale or turn off Always-on Display if you like to.

This will disable sound and vibration for all the apps, except for those set as exceptions.

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