How To Create a Budget From Scratch

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If after viewing the Google Sheets and third-party templates, you don’t see one that quite fits your needs, you can create one from scratch. Google Sheets offers helpful functions for adding income and expenses as well as subtracting amounts for money left over.


Although there are various ways to set up your budget sheet, depending on the type of items you want to track, you can create a simple income and expense budget sheet for your household or family. Select a Blank sheet and then give it a name.

For a monthly budget, enter the months in a row at the top of the sheet. You can then use a section for income with the income types listed in the first column and a section for expenses with those types in the first column.

At the bottom of each section, you can add totals. Select the cell where you want the total expenses, click the Functions button in the toolbar, and choose “Sum.”

Select the range of cells for the total and press Enter or Return. You can use the fill handle to drag the formula to the remaining cells on the right. Then, do the same for the expense section.

If you like, you can subtract the expense total from the income total at the very bottom of the sheet. Select the cell where you want this difference and enter the subtraction formula. In our case this is:


You can then see how much money is left at the end of each month.

If you want more detail for your income and expenses, you can add totals for each row too. For example, you can see the total salary amount as it grows throughout the year. Or, you can add sections for savings and investments or various sections for different types of expenses.

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