How to create a Messager Room from Facebook on Desktop

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If you use Facebook Messenger, you don’t need to jump over to Zoom, Google Meet, or any other service to hold a group video call with friends and family. Instead, using Messenger Rooms, you can start a chat with up to 50 people, including those without a Facebook account.


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You can create a room from your Facebook Home page using your desktop browser of choice. Start by clicking on your avatar that has a plus (+) on it under the “Rooms” section near the top of your screen.

Select your Facebook profile image in the "Rooms" section

This is also where you can see friends who may have a room up and running. Click on their avatar to try to join their room. If they don’t have a room that you can join, you can choose to either message them or create a room of your own and invite them to that.

Once the “Create Your Room” window loads, you can click on “Room Activity” to change the description of the room. You can also change the room’s emoji.

Set up your Facebook Messenger room using the "Create Your Room" window

Next, use the “Who Is Invited” option to choose whether you want to make the room open for any friends to freely join, or if you want the room restricted to only those you specifically invite.

Lastly, rooms are set to start immediately by default. Select “Start Time” to schedule a meeting for a future time. When you’re done, click the “Create Room” button. Once your room has been created, you can see who is already invited, invite additional people whether or not they have Facebook accounts, share the link to your room, edit the room, or end the room.

Click the “Join” button to jump into your Messenger room.

Click the "Join" button to jump in to your Facebook Messenger room

A new browser window will pop up. If it doesn’t, make sure that your browser is set to allow pop-ups. Confirm that you want to enter the room on your current Facebook account, and your room will be up and running.

Click the "Join As" button to enter the room

From left to right, use the buttons at the bottom of your screen to share your screen, view participants, toggle your camera, toggle your microphone, or end the call.

Facebook Messenger rooms video preview and call control buttons

If you want to make your room more secure, you can lock it so no one else can join. To do this, select the “See Participants” button at the bottom and activate the toggle next to “Lock Room.”

Click the People button and then toggle on "Lock Room"

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