How to Create a Table in Excel

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If you don’t need to make a data visualization, you can also create a table in Excel using preexisting data. There are two ways to format a data set as a table:

  • Manually: In this example, we manually added data and formatted as a table by including column and row names (products and years).
  • Use Excel’s Format as Table Preset: You can also input raw data (numbers without any column and row names).


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To format data as a table, click and drag your mouse across the cells with the data range, click the Home tab, and click the Format as Table drop-down menu on the toolbar.How to format data as a table in Excel

Click New Table Style… (You will also see an option to use PivotTables. This feature is outside the scope of this how-to, but the concept is explained in the following section).Table style options in Excel

A dialogue box opens and you can choose which aspects of the selected range to include in your formatted table. Click the blue OK button.

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