How to Fix “Show Accent Color on Start and Taskbar” Grayed Out on Windows 11

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If you’re trying to change the color of the taskbar in Windows 11, you might find that the option to “Show accent color on Start” is grayed out in the Settings app.


Here’s the root of the problem: Windows 11 doesn’t allow you to apply an accent color to the taskbar unless you have your appearance set to “Dark.” Otherwise, if you visit Personalization > Colors in Settings, you’ll see “Show accent color on Start and taskbar” grayed out.

To fix this, we’ll need to take a trip to the Settings app. First, open Settings by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting “Settings” in the menu. (Or you can press Windows+i on your keyboard)

In Settings, click “Personalization, then choose “Colors” in the right side of the window.

Under “Colors,” locate the option labeled “Choose Your Mode.” Here, you can select “Dark” or “Custom” in the drop-down menu. If you choose “Custom,” you can still use apps in “Light” mode as well, so there is more flexibility.

If you selected “Custom” in the step above, use the drop-down menu beside “Choose your default Windows mode” to choose “Dark.” This will allow you to apply a color to the taskbar. (Under “Choose your default app mode,” you can pick either option.)

In the “Accent Color” section, pick a color in the grid that you want to apply to your taskbar. You can also choose a custom color by clicking “View Colors.”

Next, flip the switch beside “Show accent color on Start and taskbar” to “On.”

As soon as you flip that switch, the color you chose will be applied to your taskbar.

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