How to make your desktop look cool and clean

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Here are a few ways to make it look clean and cool!


  1. Insert all of your desktop files into a single folder and change the icon.
  2. Install Windows TaskbarX.
    This little software looks really clean and aesthetic (see pic bellow).
  3. Install RainMetter.
    This is a very cool customizable tool and there are hundreds of skins and little apps that you can use to take your desktop to a whole another level like the ones from bellow

    You can also look for skins on DeviantArt. Those skins are made by real artists and they look even better than the default ones.
  4. Put on a cool wallpaper!
    You can find some of the nicest/cleanest wallpapers HERE.A few extra links that are worth checking out:
    Wallpaper Engine
    StarDock Fences

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