How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 11

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Go to the search function located at the bottom of the page, then search for and select Settings (gear icon).

Windows search bar with settings highlighted and the Settings app highlighted in search results

Find and select Network & Internet on the left sidebar.

Network & Internet highlighted on the left sidebar in Windows 11.

Select Advanced network settings.

Windows 11 Network & internet settings with Advanced network settings highlighted

In the following window, select Network reset.

Windows 11 Advanced network settings with Network Reset highlighted

The following page will give you a detailed description of what will happen once you reset everything. Once you’ve read it, select Reset now.

Windows 11 Network reset page with Reset Now highlighted

A small window will ask if you are sure if you want to reset all the network settings. Select Yes.

Windows 11 network reset confirmation box with Yes highlighted

After a few minutes, Windows 11 will reboot and all your network adapters will be reset to their factory settings.

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