How to Take a Photo With Snap Spectacles

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Snapchat Spectacles have their own internal storage capable of storing up to 3,000 photos at once, and Snaps will be regularly uploaded to your iOS or Android device and deleted off Spectacles, so feel free to take as many photos on Spectacles as you’d like without worrying about maxing out your storage.


With a pair of charged, connected Spectacles, taking a photo is only the press of a button away at any given time, when wearing your glasses.

Put on your Spectacles. Make sure they’re charged and connected to your iOS or Android device for easy access to Snaps you take on Spectacles later. Turn your head in the direction of what you’d like to take a picture of, and briefly hold the button on your Spectacles to take a picture.

To take video Snaps on Spectacles, users press the button on Spectacles once to begin recording a 10-second video, twice to begin recording a 20-second video, and three times to begin recording a 30-second video. Make sure to briefly hold the button down to make sure you don’t accidentally record a video instead of taking a picture

You only have to stand still for a moment, as the picture will be taken immediately after you press the button on Spectacles. Then, you’re ready to take another picture or record a video on Spectacles.

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