How to Update Your Raspberry Pi to the Latest Raspbian OS

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Released in June 2017, Raspbian Stretch has had several incremental updates since, with standard updates such as improved Bluetooth and account security being enhanced with a first-boot setup wizard, and a new app store.

Raspbian itself comes with a bunch of bundled tools, from the Chromium browser (although this won’t work on the Raspberry Pi 1) to a number of useful programming-based applications and utilities. There’s also Claws Mail, the LibreOffice suite, and not to mention Minecraft PE!


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To update Raspbian, you need to open the Terminal. Do this via the desktop menu, or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T. You can also do this by connecting to your Raspberry Pi from another computer via SSH.

Begin by updating the repository package list:

sudo apt update

When this is done, run the upgrade command:

sudo apt dist-upgrade

Follow any prompts, and wait for the Pi to be upgraded. When you’re done, type:

sudo apt clean

This will discard any unneeded files that have been downloaded as part of the upgrade. Finish by restarting:

sudo reboot

When your Raspberry Pi has restarted, you’ll be using the latest version of Raspbian. Well done!

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