Share a Drive file and send a Calendar invite from Google Chat

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While you’re having a conversation in Google Chat, you caneasily take actions in other Google Workspace products.


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On the Google Chat window click on the + icon to the start of the text box to quickly see and access the menu of options.

Select Drive file if you want to share from Google Drive

Select Calendar invite if you want to create a Google Calendar event with the ones you are chatting with.

Other options available in a Google Chat conversation are:

  • Formatting options – you can format your writing
  • Add emoji – add smileys and emoticons
  • Upload a file – upload a local file
  • Add a video meeting – create an instant Google Meet video meeting
  • Add a gif – not available on the mobile app
  • Add a picture from camera – only from the mobile app
  • Add a picture from gallery – only from the mobile app

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