Best Graphics Cards for Gaming in 2024

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The best graphics cards are the beating heart of any gaming PC, and everything else comes second. Without a powerful GPU pushing pixels, even the fastest of the best CPUs for gaming won’t manage much. No one graphics card will be right for everyone, so we’ve provided options for every budget and mindset below. Whether you’re after the fastest graphics card, the best value, or the best card at a given price, we’ve got you covered.

Where our GPU benchmarks hierarchy ranks all of the cards based purely on performance, our list of the best graphics cards looks at the whole package. Current GPU pricing, performance, features, efficiency, and availability are all important, though the weighting becomes more subjective. Factoring in all of those aspects, these are the best graphics cards that are currently available.

We haven’t had a ‘new’ GPU launch since February’s RX 7900 GRE, joining the four GPUs that came out in January: RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, RTX 4070 Super, and RX 7600 XT. All of these are in our performance charts, and some make our overall picks, replacing former entries that are now discontinued.

Barring a surprise announcement in the coming months, this should be the end of new models until the future Nvidia Blackwell and RTX 50-series, AMD RDNA 4, and Intel Battlemage GPUs arrive — most likely in the fall of 2024, though that remains to be seen. The closest thing to new GPUs is Nvidia’s SFF-ready GPU specifications, but those likely sacrifice some performance to fit into a smaller volume.

Prices are mostly sitting at MSRP and below for the least expensive offering on each GPU. That includes the RTX 4080 Super at $976, though the cheapest RTX 4090 costs $1,730 right now — may as well wait for the RTX 5090 at this point. That advice applies to most of the high-end cards: If you haven’t already upgraded, waiting until October/November to see what becomes available makes a lot of sense.


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