Cum sa schimbi dynamic disk inapoi la basic disk folosind CMD

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Cum sa schimbi dynamic disk inapoi la basic disk folosind CMD


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  1. Faceti buckup partitiei la care doriti sa o convertiti.
  2. Deschideti CMD si scrieti diskpart.
  3. La DISKPART prompt, type list disk. Luati aminte nr parittiei pe care doriti sa o converiti  inapoi
  4. La DISKPARTprompt, type select disk <disknumber>.
  5. La DISKPARTprompt, type detail disk <disknumber>.
  6. Pentru fiecare volum al discului, La DISKPARTprompt, type select volume= <volumenumber> iar apoi scrieti delete volume.
  7. La DISKPARTprompt, type select disk <disknumber>. Specificati nr volumului
  8. La DISKPARTprompt, type convert basic.
Value Description
list disk Displays a list of disks and information about them, such as their size, amount of available free space, whether the disk is a basic or dynamic disk, and whether the disk uses the master boot record (MBR) or GUID partition table (GPT) partition style. The disk marked with an asterisk (*) has focus.
select diskdisknumber Selects the specified disk, where disknumber is the disk number, and gives it focus.
detail diskdisknumber Displays the properties of the selected disk and the volumes on that disk.
select volumedisknumber Selects the specified volume, where disknumber is the volume number, and gives it focus. If no volume is specified, the select command lists the current volume with focus. You can specify the volume by number, drive letter, or mount point path. On a basic disk, selecting a volume also gives the corresponding partition focus.
delete volume Deletes the selected volume. You cannot delete the system volume, boot volume, or any volume that contains the active paging file or crash dump (memory dump).
convert basic Converts an empty dynamic disk into a basic disk.

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