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If you want to disable iphlpsvc there are a few ways to do it. The quickest and the easiest is by stopping the service the starts it in the first place.


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Search for Services in the Windows 10 search bar and select the corresponding result.

In the Services window, make sure that Services (Local) is selected in the left-hand column. Then scroll down the list to find IP Helper.

To disable the service temporarily, select Stop > Apply, and OK.

IP Helper

  1. If you want to stop it from running again, also set the Startup Type to Disabled using the drop-down menu. Then select Apply > OK.

It might be worth restarting your Windows 10 system after completing this step to finalize it. When you’ve returned to Windows, re-open the services menu to make sure that your changes have stuck.

You can also enable, or re-enable iphlpsvc in the same way, just retrace your steps to the Services menu, and select the Start button. If you want it to startup automatically with Windows, make sure that Automatic is the selected Startup Type.

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