Enable modern Authentication for Office 2013 and below on Windows

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Starting Office 2016 and above, modern authentication is already enabled by default. But Office 2013 does not support it out of the box so we need to add 2 keys in the Registry Editor for it to work. To enable modern authentication for Office 2013 you need the following keys on any device running Windows and Office 2013.


  • Go to Registry Editor and navigate to this path:


  • Here you need to add the following keys:

Right click on any blank space in the window>New>Reg_DWORD>”EnableADAL”>Value “1” and another key New>Reg_DWORD>”Version”> Value “1“.

  • After setting this registry keys, you can use Office 2013 with multifactor authentication in Microsoft 365.
  • If you want to disable mdoern authentication on a device, se the EnableADAL value to “0”.


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