How to Block Text Message Notifications From Unknown Senders on iPhone

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Even if you’re already filtering unknown senders in Messages on iPhone, you still might see notifications every time you get a text from an unknown number. To stop that and silence the annoying SMS notifications, you’ll need to make a quick visit to Settings.


First, open Settings on your iPhone.

In Settings, scroll down and tap “Notifications.”

In iPhone or iPad Settings, tap "Notifications."

In Notifications, tap “Messages.”

In Notifications, tap "Messages."

In Messages notification settings, scroll down to the very bottom and tap “Customize Notifications.”

Tap "Customize Notifications"

In Customize Notifications, flip the switch beside “Unknown Senders” to the off position.

In Customize Notifications, turn "Unknown Senders" off.

After that, exit Settings. From now on, as long as you have “Filter Unknown Senders” enabled in Settings (head to Settings > Messages, then flip “Filter Unknown Senders” to on), you will no longer receive notifications when unknown senders text you.

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