How to Disable Ads on Huawei P50 Pro

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Huawei P50 Pro users often notice pop-up ads and banners with affiliate offers. All of this negatively affects the user experience. You can disable ads on Huawei P50 Pro both automatically and manually. Both options should be taken into account in order to reduce the amount of ad banners or get rid of them altogether.


  • Why Ads Appear in the First Place

Affiliate offers are one of the most important ways to make money for website and mobile app developers. However, they can show up when using a browser or a separate program, as well on the Huawei P50 Pro screen. This is a serious problem that needs a solution.

This occurs when the user has allowed the application or site to send notifications. The user might not even notice the moment when the permission was granted, as the developers try to carefully hide the fact that advertising notifications have been activated. But this does not reduce advertising. On the contrary, the more invisible the activation was, the more banners can appear on screen.

  • Automatically Disable Ads

If the user does not have a lot of free time to spare, they can disable ads on the Huawei P50 Pro phone using special software. There are a couple of proven options to choose from.

  • Antivirus

Antivirus programs are designed specifically to protect your smartphone from malicious activity. Usually advertising banners appear due to the fact that the device is infected with viruses. That is, there is a file in its memory that is responsible for displaying partners’ ads.

The user can download any antivirus ranging from Kaspersky to Dr. Web through Google Play. After launching the application, it is recommended to immediately start the check-up, which will result in the removal of any annoyances. In some cases, full functionality is available only in the paid version of the app.

  • Manually Disable Ads

When automatic tools don’t help, you can turn off ads on your Huawei P50 Pro yourself. But you need to be careful in this case, since it is not always possible to determine what exactly causes the appearance of ads.

  • Remove Questionable Apps

The first step is to tidy up your smartphone. Indeed, users don’t notice how their device gets filled with a huge number of apps during operation, not all of which are safe. This is especially true when the owner of Huawei P50 Pro installs applications via APK files downloaded from the Internet instead of using Google Play.

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