How to join a Zoom Meeting from an Android device or an iPhone/iPad

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As more people are starting to work from their homes, online meetings are also becoming a necessity. Fortunately, there are quite a few services that allow you to meet online with your work colleagues, business partners, and friends. One of the best solutions is Zoom.


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The steps required to join a Zoom meeting are identical in Android and iOS. In this section, we include screenshots taken on an Android smartphone, as well as on an iPhone. Each image contains the Android screenshot on the left and its corresponding screenshot from the iPhone on the right.

On your Android mobile device or your iPhone/iPad, open the Zoom app. Then, tap on “Join a Meeting” if you don’t want to sign into your Zoom account. If you want to sign in, do so, and then tap on tap on Join.

Join a Meeting in Zoom for Android and iPhone

Type the meeting ID and enter the name that you want to use for this meeting. Then tap Join Meeting if you’re using an Android device, or Join if you’re on an iPhone/iPad.

Entering the Zoom meeting ID and choosing a name for yourself

Enter the password of the Zoom meeting and press OK (on Android) or Continue (on iPhone/iPad).

Typing in the password of the Zoom meeting

Choose whether you want to enable the audio and video for the meeting, and then tap on Join Meeting.

Choosing to join the Zoom meeting with or without video

Wait for the meeting host to allow you to join.

Waiting for the Zoom meeting host to admit you

When he or she confirms that you can join the meeting, the Zoom app lets you in, and you can now see and talk to the other participants.

A Zoom meeting on an Android smartphone and an iPhone

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To leave the meeting, tap the screen to show Zoom’s interface, tap the Leave meeting button, and confirm that you want out.

Leaving a Zoom meeting from an Android smartphone and an iPhone

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