How to reset an Amazon Fire Tablet

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Here’s how factory resets work on an Amazon Fire Tablet. A factory reset will remove everything from the device and return it to how it was “from the factory.”


First, open up the “Settings” app by finding it in the home screen, or by swiping down twice from the top of the screen and tapping the gear icon.

Go to Settings from the home screen or notification shade.

Next, scroll down and select “Device Options.”

Next, scroll down and select "Device Options."

Now, select “Reset to Factory Defaults.”

Now select "Reset to Factory Defaults."

A pop-up message will inform you that all of your personal information, downloaded content, and apps will be removed. Tap “Reset” to confirm.

Tap "Reset" to confirm.

The device will power off, and you’ll see a progress screen as it restores the device to factory defaults.

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