How to Stop Windows 10 From Turning Off Your Screen

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Do you find yourself turning on the screen on your Windows 10 PC too often? It’s possible to stop the screen from turning off altogether. You can select different preferences for when your PC is running on battery power and when it’s plugged into a power source, too.

If you have a portable device like a laptop or tablet, you get to decide how the screen acts while on battery or plugged in. Desktops only have the plugged-in option. The screen timeout length can be anywhere from two minutes to five hours.


  • First, click the Start Menu and select the gear icon to open the Settings. (You can also open the window by pressing Windows+i).

click the start menu and select settings

  • Next, select “System” from the Settings window.

select system

  • Select “Power & Sleep” from the sidebar

select power and sleep

  • If you’re using a desktop, you’ll see one drop-down for “When Plugged In” under both “Screen” and “Sleep.” If you’re using a laptop or tablet, you’ll see a second drop-down for “On Battery Power.”
  • For controlling when the screen turns off, select a drop-down under “Screen.”

select a drop down under screen

  • Select “Never” from the menu to prevent Windows from turning off your display.

choose Never

For best results, we recommend only keeping the screen on while plugged in. You’ll go through the battery quickly if you do it on battery power.

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