Recover an Email Purged From an Exchange Account’s Deleted Items Folder in Outlook for Windows

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Emails are removed from the Deleted Items folder after a certain period set by the account administrator, when you empty the Deleted Items folder, or if you permanently delete a message in the Deleted Items folder. For most Exchange accounts, messages that are purged from the Deleted Items folder may be recovered for a period of time. This time period depends on how the Exchange administrator set up your account. This also applies to emails that were permanently deleted.

To restore messages that have been removed from the Deleted Items folder in Outlook for Windows:


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Connect to your Exchange email account in Outlook.

Go to the account’s Deleted Items folder.

Deleted Items folder in Outlook

Go to the Home tab.

Home tab in Outlook

In the Actions group, select Recover Deleted Items from Server.

Recover Deleted Items from Server button in Outlook

In the Recover Deleted Items dialog box, highlight the messages you want to recover.

A deleted email in the Recover Deleted Items window

Sort the list using any of the column headers such as From or Deleted On; click again to reverse the sort order.

To highlight multiple emails, press and hold Ctrl then select the messages. To select a range of messages, press and hold Shift.

Select Restore Selected Items.

Restore Selected Items option

Select OK.

OK button in Restore Deleted Items window

The message or messages are recovered and moved to the Deleted Items folder.

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