Remove Client.exe Error Message – Windows cannot find c:\program files(x86)\search Extensions\client

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You see the following error and wonder what this is all about.

Search Extensions\Client.exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\Search Extensions\Client.exe) is part of an adware program (Rocket Tab), that displays pop-up ads and advertisements on web pages that you visit.


The first step is running a virus/malware scan to remove viruses and other PUP’s.Sometimes its all it takes but if the error still shows up you will have to follow the next steps:
1.Go to my computer > C drive > Windows > System32 > task folder (sometimes you may get stuck here because the folder refuses to open.If this happens restart the computer and try again,it should work)
2.Find and delete all the files in the folder containing the word “rocket” like “RocketTab” or “RocketUpdateTab” for example.
3.Restart the computer and the problem should be fixed.

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