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Users of Android-based devices may encounter problems during the activation of their Google account. If a user can’t pass authorization, they have probably encountered the so-called Factory Reset Protection function. To activate the device and continue using it, you must reset FRP.


What is FRP Used For
The abbreviation stands for Factory Reset Protection. This feature first appeared in Android 5.1.

As most people know, the developers of the operating system are trying to protect the smartphones of their users. To this extent, FRP doesn’t allow a person that stole a mobile device to activate it for further use.That is, when trying to reactivate the device, the attacker will see a message on screen stating that the smartphone only supports the owner’s Google account.

How to Bypass FRP on Huawei P50 Pro
Unfortunately, the problem with activating a new Google account occurs quite often when the smartphone is purchased used. There are 2 ways to resolve the issue:

the official way;
the unofficial way;
These names are rather arbitrary. Still, they adequately explain what operations the user will have to perform. In the first case, the user must contact the previous owner of the smartphone to reset their Google account. In the second option, FRP bypass occurs by its own means without using the data of the previously established account.

The Official Way
This method is used under the assumption that the current owner of the Huawei P50 Pro smartphone has the means to contact its previous owner. To officially reset FRP, you will need the previous Google account data: the linked email address and password.

-In the Greetings window or phone settings enter the details of the previous account.
-Log in on the PC in the same way.
-On the computer, unlink the smartphone among the listed devices.
-On the phone, go to the Google account settings and delete the account.
-In the developer settings, enable the Unlock OEM option.
If everything is done correctly, FRP will be reset and the corresponding device will be unlocked. After rebooting the smartphone, you can enter your Google account data.

The Unofficial Way
There are several ways to bypass the Google Account on Huawei P50 Pro without having email and password information.

-Insert a SIM card into the phone, turn it on.
-Skip the starting menu for device activation.
-Call the smartphone.
-Accept the call and save the new contact.
-In the dialer, enter the following command: *#*#4636#*#*

Press the Back button in the opened menu to go to phone settings

-Go to Recovery and Reset, then Backup and Restore.
-Disable data backup and perform a factory reset.

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