This PC’s processor doesn’t support a critical feature

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If when you try to upgrade to Windows 10 and you receive the error message “This PC’s processor doesn’t support a critical feature“, then this post is intended to help you. The critical feature mentioned could be Prefetchw, NX, VMware, Compareexchange128, etc. In this post, we will offer the appropriate solutions you can try to help you remediate this issue.

When this issue occurs, you’ll receive the following error message:

This PC can’t run Windows 10

This PCs processor doesn’t support a critical feature

If you’re faced with This PC’s processor doesn’t support a critical feature issue, you can try either of our recommended solutions below and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

  1. Update BIOS
  2. Create Windows 10 bootable drive and perform a clean install


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Update BIOS

This solution requires you to try updating the BIOS on your system and see if the issue will be resolved.

Using tools from OEMs is the easiest way to do so. All OEM manufacturers have utilities that help you easily update, BIOS, firmware, and drivers. Search for yours and download it from the official site only. This is the safest way to update the BIOS.

  • If you own a Dell laptop you can head over to, or you could use Dell Update Utility.
  • ASUS users can download the MyASUS BIOS update utility from the ASUS support site.
  • ACER users can go acer website. Enter your Serial Number/SNID or search for your product by Model, select BIOS/Firmware, and click the Download link for the file you want to download.
  • Lenovo users can use the Lenovo System Update Tool.
  • HP users can use the bundled HP Support Assistant.

Once you complete the manual update of the BIOS/firmware on your system, the Windows 10 upgrade block notification should now be removed. Consequently, you can now proceed with the upgrade process again and the process should complete successfully allowing you to take full advantage of the new features in Windows 10.

Create Windows 10 bootable drive and perform a clean install

If you’re running into the issue when you’re attempting to upgrade Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 using the Media Creation Tool (MCT), this solution requires you to directly clean install Windows 10 without upgrading first to resolve the issue.

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