Tips to extend battery life on Windows

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Best tips to extend Windows battery life


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Disable wireless and Bluetooth connectivity when not needed

Adjust your PC’s display and power settings

  • Set a shorter duration for the display when it’s inactive

Go to Settings > System > Power & sleep > go to the option On battery power, turn off after > pick a shorter duration.

  • Reduce display brightness

Go to Settings > System > Display > turn off Change brightness automatically when lighting changes > use the slider to set the brightness level you want.

  • Set a shorter duration before PC enters sleep mode

Go to Settings > System > Power & sleep

Go to On battery power, PC goes to sleep after > pick a shorter duration.

  • Use the lid

Most laptops can go to sleep automatically by closing the lid. You need to enable this setting

Go to Settings > System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings > Choose what closing the lid does.

  • Press the power button

Computers let you turn off your display, shut down, sleep, or hibernate when pressing the Power button. Here’s how to enable this setting:

Go to Settings > System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings > Choose what the power buttons do.

  • Create a power plan

Go to Settings > System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings > Create a power plan.

Select Balanced or Power saver > type a plan name in the box > select Next.

Choose your display and sleep options > select Create

  • Use a dark background or theme

Go to Settings > Personalization > Background, and then choose a dark picture or dark solid color.

For themes, go to Settings > Personalization > Themes > Theme settings, and then choose a dark theme.

Turn off keyboard backlights

Turn down the volume

Completely muting your device helps you extend your battery life. When you watch movies or videos, keep the sound at the minimum volume level. You can also plug in your headphones to reduce the impact on battery life.

Disconnect unnecessary peripherals

So it’s about time, you should consider abandoning those external hard drives, inkjet printers, memory sticks and USB-powered mug warmers until you find a nearby charging outlet.

Update Windows while charging

Sometimes, installing the latest Windows 10 updates can take more than one hour. Of course, the download and install process use a certain amount of battery power. You can install the updates while your device is charging to save both time and battery power.

Check Battery usage by app

You can see which apps are using the most battery resources by Settings > System > Battery and click Battery usage by app. The list will show you the percentage of battery your apps have used in the past 6 or 24 hours or the past week. If you find an app that you think it using more than its fair share, click on it and toggle off the switch for Managed by Windows and then make sure the box remains unchecked for Allow app to run background tasks.

Keep your laptop out of hot and cold.

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