Add a holograph signature with you iPhone on your computer’s PDF docs

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You’ve been emailed a document and you have to sign it and send it back. There’s a better, faster way than printing, signing, scanning it and sending it.


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On your iPhone or iPad open Notes app then create a new note and select the Pen button.

Draw your signature and press Done.

Select the 3 dots on top right, select Send a copy, select More then search and select Google Drive.

Choose Select Folder, then Save here and select Upload.

Open the document that you want to sign with Acrobat Reader.

On the ribbon select the Pen button, select Sign yourself and then Add signature.

Choose Image, then Select image to choose the saved image from Google Drive, mark Save signature and click Apply.

Now, bring the mouse cursor over the area where you want to put your signature on and click on it.

The image upload need to be performed just one time. After this you just need to select the Sign button where you will find your saved signature.

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