Automatically enable Low Battery Mode on iPhone/iPad running iOS 12 or later

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If you’ve ever faced the issue of a depleted battery at inconvenient moments, then you know how important it is to keep your device’s energy level in check. Below, you will discover how to accomplish this for a more efficient experience when your battery is at risk of running out.


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Step 1: Search for the Shortcuts app and open it

Step 2: Tap the automation button

Step 3: Press “Create Personal Automation”

Step 4: Search for “Battery Level” in the list

Step 5: Choose the battery level at which you want the automation to activate

Step 6: Tap on “falls below”

Step 7: Press “Next”

Step 8: Select “Add Action”

Step 9: Tap “Next”

Step 10: Choose from the script list to set low power mode

Step 11: Next

Step 12: Disable “Ask Before Running”

Step 13: Press Done.

Step 14: Press “Done”

Step 15: At this point, the function is set and will automatically activate without prompting when your battery reaches 25%, as demonstrated in my example. However, you can set any percentage value you desire.

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