Focus mode Settings in iOS 15

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You can tap on one of the modes in the Focus options to set it up. For example, in the Personal mode, you can silence all notifications except those from family members, a partner, and so on. You can add contacts whose messages and calls you’d like to be notified about.

Next, select the apps that you’d like to add to the mode. You’ll receive notifications from these apps. You can also enable Time Sensitive Notifications, which will deliver important notifications immediately even if the notifications from the app or contact isn’t allowed.

Focus mode Settings

There are a couple of other Settings available in Focus, such as:

  • Share Across Devices – Enable this option if you want the Focus modes to apply across all your devices running iOS 15.
  • Focus Status – Enabling this will allow apps to notify others that you’ve enabled a Focus mode and aren’t available. The Messages app will show your contacts that a Focus mode has been switched on by you. An Auto Reply option is also available here, which will send your contacts a message saying your notifications are silenced. If it’s urgent, they can then choose to notify you anyway.
  • Phone Calls – This option allows repeated calls to come through if a contact calls you a second time within three minutes. You can choose if this applies to your favorite contacts, everyone, or no one.

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