How to Add an Image to Your Gmail Signature

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Do you want to add your company logo to your business signature or a picture of your motto to your personal signature? You can add an image to your Gmail signature for all outgoing emails or only the current one. Whether you set up a specific signature for all emails or simply want to add an image to the email you’re composing, you can insert an image from a URL, Google Drive, or your computer.


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You can set up multiple signatures in Gmail. This lets you use a default signature or a different one for a certain email. You can add an image to these saved emails so that it’s included each time you use one.

Visit the Gmail website and sign in. Select the gear icon on the top right and pick “See All Settings” in the sidebar. Then, head to the General tab.

Scroll toward the bottom until you see the Signature section. If you already have a signature that you want to add the image to, select it to display it in the text editor to the right. Otherwise, choose “Create New” to set up a new signature.

Signature section of the Gmail settings

For a new signature, enter the text you want to use for the signature, format it with the text editor tools, and place your cursor where you want the image. For an existing signature, just select the spot where you want the image. Click the Insert Image icon in the text editor.

When you see the pop-up window, use the Web Address, My Drive, or Upload tab at the top to locate the image. Click “Select.”

Image selection locations

The image then appears in the text editor for your signature at its original size. Select the image in the signature to pick a different size like Small, Medium, or Large.

Available image sizes

Make any other adjustments to the signature needed and optionally choose the Signature Defaults for new messages and replies and forwards. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page when you finish.

Completed signature with an image

You can view your signature by composing a new message. If you selected a default, you should see your signature with the image at the bottom of the email. Otherwise, click the Insert Signature button and select the one you want to use.

Insert Signature options in Gmail

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