How to automatically dial a broadband PPPoE connection in Windows 10

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Creating, configuring, and connecting to a broadband PPPoE connection in Windows 10 is rather easy. However, you do need to make the PPPoE connection manually, each time you want to access the internet. It is a step that many of you might prefer to skip and have their Windows 10 PCs automatically dial their PPPoE connections as soon as they log into the operating system. If you want to learn how to make Windows 10 PPPoE auto-connect, here is how:


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Making a PPPoE connection auto-dial in Windows 10 starts with Task Scheduler.

In order to make your Windows 10 computer automatically dial your broadband PPPoE connection each time it starts, you have to go through a few steps that involve setting a scheduled task.

The first step you must take is to open the Task Scheduler. One of the easiest ways to do it is to click or tap on Task Scheduler’s shortcut from the Windows Administrative Tools group in your Start Menu.

The Task Scheduler shortcut from the Start Menu

Schedule Windows 10 to auto-dial your PPPoE connection each time you log into Windows 10.

In Task Scheduler, you can schedule the automatic dial of your broadband PPPoE connection each time you log into Windows 10. Click or tap on the “Create Basic Task…” option from the right side of the window.

The Create Basic Task action from the Task Scheduler

This action opens the Create Basic Task Wizard. The first thing you need to do is enter a name for your task. The name we used, for instance, is “Auto Dial – PPPoE Connection.”

If you want, you can also enter a Description, but that’s entirely optional. Then, press Next.

Choosing a name for the PPPoE auto-connect task

Next, you choose when the scheduled task is triggered. To make your broadband PPPoE connection dial automatically each time you log in to Windows 10, select the “When I log on” option. Then, press Next.

Selecting the time when to auto-dial the PPPoE connection

Now comes a crucial part of the wizard: choosing the action to be run. As you want to dial a broadband PPPoE connection automatically, you must find a way to tell that to Windows 10. Start by choosing to “Start a program.”

Choosing to Start a program

After you press Next, the wizard asks you what Program / Script you want to execute on a scheduled basis. In order to make Windows 10 auto-dial your broadband PPPoE connection, each time you log into your computer, you must provide Task Scheduler with some information:

  • In the “Program/script” field, enter the command: rasdial.
  • In the “Add arguments (optional)” field, enter the name of your broadband PPPoE connection (if its name contains spaces, enter it between quotation marks), followed by your broadband connection username and password (you should have them from your Internet Service Provider).
  • Leave the “Start in (optional)” field empty.

For instance, let’s say that your broadband PPPoE connection has the default name of Broadband Connection, your username is NY123456, and your broadband connection password is NewYork. In such a case, the “Add arguments (optional)” field should contain this text: “Broadband Connection” NY123456 NewYork.

Choosing to run the rasdial program using the PPPoE connection's name and credentials

Press the Next button, and the Create Basic Task Wizard gives you a summary of the new scheduled task that’s designed to auto-dial your PPPoE connection. If everything looks right, click or tap Finish.

Finishing the configuration of the PPPoE auto-connect task

After you close the wizard, you are brought back to the main Task Scheduler console, where you can see that the Windows 10 PPPoE auto-connect task has been added to the list of scheduled tasks.

The PPPoE auto-connect task is shown in the Task Scheduler Library

Reboot your PC so that Windows 10 can auto-dial the PPPoE connection.

Finally, all that’s left for you to do is reboot your Windows 10 device and see how your auto-dial connection is run. Depending on how fast the dialing process is performed, when you log into your Windows 10 computer, you might briefly see a window similar to the one below.

Windows 10 auto dials the broadband PPPoE connection

The broadband PPPoE connection should now be automatically dialed each time you log into Windows 10.

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