How to Disable the Pop-Up Blocker in Safari on Mac

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Safari blocks all kinds of pop-up windows by default. In that mix, it ends up blocking some legitimate ones.  Many websites offer helpful pop-ups to enter important details such as login credentials, captcha, forms, and more.


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It’s annoying to click on the pop-up blocked notification every time you visit sites that require you to allow pop-ups. Luckily, you can change Safari’s default behavior and get pop-up windows while browsing.

To get started, open the Safari browser on your Mac. Next, click “Safari” in the top-left corner of the menu bar and select “Preferences.”

Select "Preferences."

Click the “Websites” tab.

Go to the "Websites" tab.

In the “General” column on the left, scroll down and select “Pop-up Windows.”

Select "Pop-up Windows" from the "General" settings.

Use the drop-down menu next to the “When Visiting Other Websites” option in the bottom-left and choose “Allow.”

Use the drop-down in the bottom-left corner to select "Allow."

If you want to allow pop-up windows for a specific website (like a bank site), Safari lets you do that too. First, open Safari on your Mac, then browse to the websites you want to allow pop-ups for.

Next, click “Safari” in the menu bar and select “Preferences.”

Select "Preferences."

In Safari Preferences, click the “Websites” tab.

Go to the "Websites" tab.

Scroll down in the “General” column and select “Pop-up Windows.”

Select "Pop-up Windows" in the "General" tab.

On the right, you’ll see the list of websites open in Safari and the option “Block and Notify” set for each site. Use the drop-down menu next to a site and select “Allow.” Repeat the same to allow pop-ups for the other websites on the list.

Select "Allow" using the drop-down next to website.

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