How to Import Data From a PDF to Microsoft Excel

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If you have a PDF document such as a bank statement or financial report, you may want to pull this information into Microsoft Excel. With a built-in feature, you can easily import and automatically convert a PDF to Excel. This convenient feature can save you from hunting down a PDF file converter. Not only that, but it allows you to pick and choose the data from the file you want to import.


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To get started, select the sheet you want to work with in Excel and go to the Data tab. Click the Get Data drop-down arrow on the left side of the ribbon. Move your cursor to From File and pick “From PDF.”

Locate your file in the browse window, select it, and click “Import.”

Next, you’ll see the Navigator pane. On the left are the tables and pages in your PDF file. You can search for one at the top or simply select an element and see a preview on the right side.

  • When you see the item you want to import, click “Load” at the bottom of the window.

Once your data is imported from the PDF, you should see it in your sheet along with the Queries & Connections sidebar. This handy spot lets you adjust the connected data if you wish to edit the Excel file.

Your PDF data has been converted in your Microsoft Excel document successfully.

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