How to print from PC (Mac) using black ink only when color inks are depleted using a Brother DCP-T510W printer

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In principle, Brother equipment is designed to stop ALL printing operations when any of the ink tanks are empty. This happens to protect the print head and maintain good print quality. If the machine continues to print, print jobs and cleaning cycles will damage the print head.

However, Brother equipment can work exceptionally in B&W (monochrome) print-only mode when one or more ink tanks are used up. When a tank runs out of ink, the following B&W Print Only Refill Ink error message will appear on the equipment display (LCD).


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Check that the device displays a message on the LCD screen. If the LCD shows B&W Print Only Refill Ink, continue to step 2

Print from your PC using only the black ink tank following the procedure (to change the printer driver for grayscale):

a) Open the Print dialog.

b) Select Print Settings in the Print dialog box.

c) Select Plain Paper at Media Type.
Make sure Slow Drying Paper is not checked.

d) Select Grayscale to Color / Grayscale.

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