How to turn off OneDrive in Windows 8.1

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First, unpin the OneDrive tile from your Start screen. Switch to the Start screen and find the OneDrive tile. Then, right-click or tap and hold on it and select “Unpin from Start” on the menu displayed.

Unpin OneDrive from the Start screen of Windows 8.1

Next, open PC Settings: a quick way to do it is to access the charms buttons, select Settings, and then click or tap “Change PC settings.” In PC Settings, select OneDrive on the left side of the screen.

The OneDrive entry from Windows 8.1's PC Settings

On the File storage page, turn Off the “Save documents to OneDrive by default” switch.

The Save documents to OneDrive by default switch

On the Camera roll page, select the “Don’t upload photos” option and turn Off the “Automatically upload videos to OneDrive” switch.

Don't upload photos and don't Automatically upload videos to OneDrive

On the Sync settings page, turn Off the “Sync your settings on this PC” switch from “Sync settings with OneDrive.”

Disable the Sync your settings on this PC

Also, in the “Sync settings” section, turn Off the “Back up your settings for this PC” switch from “Back up settings.”

Disable the Back up your settings for this PC switch

In the “Metered connections” section, disable all the switches available:

  • “Upload and download files over metered connections.”
  • “Upload and download files over metered connections even when I’m roaming.”
  • “Sync and back up settings over metered connections.”
  • “Sync and back up settings over metered connections even when I’m roaming.”

Turn off all the OneDrive settings for Metered connections

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