Windowed applications are partially or fully unusable (black) in multiple monitor configurations

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As we move the window of an app across monitors in “extend these displays” configurations we may observe how its surface or content becomes partially or fully black and useless. In order to fix this behavior we must use the same scaling factor across all screens.


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Right click in a free area on the desktop and select Display settings:

Left click on the screen labeled 1 in order to select the first screen

Select the scaling factor (in our example the value is 100%, it can be an arbitrary one)

Repeat the previous step for the second selected display (we will choose the same scaling value)

Optional: if the user would rather employ solutions for increasing reading visibility then it is possible to lower the resolution on one of the displays (e.g. from 1920×1080 to 1280×720)

If we get black bars (inactive surface on the screen) at the top or bottom then we can pick a different resolution that sticks to the ratio of the screen (which is usually 16:9 or 5:4; it is possible to have other ratios such as 16:10, 21:9 or 4:3).

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