How to Quickly Show Your Desktop on Windows 10

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Sometimes, you need to quickly see your Desktop in Windows 10, but you don’t want to tediously minimize every open app window or move them and lose their layout. Luckily, several ways to allow you to quickly see the Desktop, then pick up where you left off. Here’s how.


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Let’s say you’re casually browsing your favorite website, and you have several windows open like this:

Windows 10 Desktop with Application Windows

If you’d like to see an item on your Desktop quickly without disturbing your window layout, click on the tiny area to the right of the small vertical line on the far-right side of the taskbar.

The Windows 10 Show Desktop Button

That’s right—this tiny slice of taskbar is actually a “Show Desktop” button. Once you click it, your application windows will temporarily disappear, and you will see the Desktop.

Windows 10 Desktop with no Application Windows

This taskbar button works like a toggle switch. If you click it again, your Windows will pop right back up where they were before.

Windows 10 Desktop with Application Windows

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