How to Reset All Audio Settings in Windows 11

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To reset all audio devices and volume levels in Windows 11, open Settings and go to System > Sound > Volume Mixer. Look for “Reset Sound Devices and Volumes for All Apps to the Recommended Defaults” and click the “Reset” button.

If you’re PC’s audio isn’t working, or you’d like to bring the sound settings back to the defaults so you can re-customize them, it’s easy to reset all kinds of audio configurations on a Windows 11 computer. We’ll show you how to do just that.


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The most common reason to reset your audio settings is to fix your sound playback issues. Your PC may not be playing sounds properly, or you may not hear anything at all, which often happens due to misconfigured audio options.

Another reason to reset your settings is that you do not want to use your custom sound settings anymore. You may have made a few tweaks here and there with your audio options, but you want to go back to the defaults. Regardless of the reason, sound setting resets are easy.

How to Reset Your Audio Devices and Volume Levels for All Your Apps

If you’d like to reset your audio devices, or bring the volume level for all your installed apps to the default, follow the following steps.

Note: Following these steps will uncover your hidden audio devices, so you’ll have to disable those devices again after the reset.

Start by opening Settings using Windows+i. In the left sidebar, select “System.” On the right pane, choose “Sound.”

Select "Sound."

Scroll a bit down and select “Volume Mixer.”

Choose "Volume Mixer."

Next to “Reset Sound Devices and Volumes for All Apps to the Recommended Defaults,” click “Reset.”

Select "Reset."

How to Restore Default Settings for Audio Equipment

If you have issues with a particular audio device on your PC, or you’d like to bring a specific sound device’s settings to the defaults, the following steps will help you do that.

  • Open Settings by pressing Windows+i. Then, head into the System > Sound > More Sound Settings menu.
  • In the open window, select your audio device and choose “Properties”

Select the audio device, then "Properties."

Access the “Advanced” tab, and at the bottom, click “Restore Defaults.”

Note: If the “Restore Defaults” button is disabled, then your audio device is already using the default settings.

Choose "Restore Defaults."

And you’ve successfully reset your sound equipment.

Windows’ system sounds are the ones you hear when you receive a notification, an error occurs, or another similar action takes place on your PC. If you’ve customized these sounds and want to go back to the defaults, it’s easy to do so.

Open the “Start” menu and find “Change System Sounds.” Select the item with that name.

On the “Sound” window, click the “Sound Scheme” drop-down menu and choose “Windows Default.” Then, at the bottom, select “Apply” followed by “OK.”
Restore Windows' system sounds.
Your Windows system sounds are now reset.

If you’re resetting audio settings in Windows 11 to fix a specific problem, and none of the above changes fixed your problem, there are a few more things you can try to remedy the issue.One way to deal with your PC’s sound issues is to use the built-in Windows Audio troubleshooter. When you run this tool, it automatically finds and fixes the issues with your audio settings, letting you enjoy your music on your computer.

To open the troubleshooter, launch Windows 11’s Settings app by pressing Windows+i. Then, in the left sidebar, click “System.” On the right pane, choose “Troubleshoot.”

Select "Troubleshoot" in the menu.

Select “Other Troubleshooters.”

Choose "Other Troubleshooters."

Next to “Playing Audio,” click “Run.”

Select "Run."

Let the troubleshooter find issues with your PC’s sound and offer appropriate fixes.

Windows Audio troubleshooter.

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