How to scan email attachments for virus online

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In case you receive an email from someone, and it sounds fishy, contact Virus Total for the screening of the attachment. The Virus Total Online Virus Checking is an attempt from VT (Virus Total) for a better Internet.


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Save the suspected mail as attachment. On Outlook, right click on the item and select Save as Attachment and then select where you want to store the email.

Create a new email.

In the “To” field, type

If you want the Virus Total Online Scanner results in plain text, write SCAN in the subject line; if you need an XML version too, write SCAN+XML in the subject line.


Attach the email that you saved as an attachment.

Hit the Send button.

You can also forward an email you may have received with a suspicious attachment to and write SCAN in the subject line.

The Reply from Virus Total will show you the results in the format you asked; It may take some time to reply if the load is high on their server. There is no need to resend the email.

How to scan email attachments for virus online

You can see details in the email. If you had selected SCAN+XML, you will get a plain text message and a XML coded page. If you opt for XML, it might take a few longer moments to process. You may have to wait a bit.

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