How to add all songs in your STEAM library/playlist

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Since I started to use the Steam Music Player, I’m running into various issues. I’ve realised I’m not the only one facing some of these.


Feel free to make a backup of this (it simply contains the current playlist loaded in your music player).


Open up command prompt (CMD), usually with admin rights (only in Windows) and navigate to your music directory:

* In our example we use C:\MyMusic. Please pay attention and navigate to your folder.

cd “C:\MyMusic”

* Please use quotes, if you don’t, the command not work.

Since Microsoft changed the CMD command’s, you need to add something extra to can navigate to your Music folder.
After the cd command you need to type this:


After you typed in C: (the partition letter followed by the : ) the CMD will navigate to the needed folder.

Type, copy paste in:

dir /o:n /s/b *.mp3 > queue.m3u8

Check your music directory for a file called “queue.m3u8”.

Open this in a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++.
You should see a list of all your songs.

At the very beginning of the file, add #EXTM3U.

Copy this queue.m3u8 file into the database directory of your Steam installation, usually:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\music\_database

There should be a file called queue.m3u8 already there.

  • Paste your newly created queue.m3u8 in this directory and overwrite the one already there.
  • Restart Steam and you should have your entire library ready to listen to whilst playing your favorite games.

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Impact colateral

If the music list doesn't show up entirely, please restart computer.

Plan de restaurare in caz de nefunctionare

If you can’t listen your music from Steam, you can disable Steam Music or reset it and use the music player from your computer.


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