How to Change the Time Zone in Microsoft Outlook

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Traveling to a new place or just want to use a different time zone? You can change your time zone in Microsoft Outlook on your desktop and the web.


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How to Change the Time Zone in Outlook’s Desktop Version:

  • To switch time zones inside the Outlook desktop app, launch Outlook.
  • In the app’s top-left corner, click “File.”

Select "File" at the top-left corner.

In the left sidebar, select “Options.”

Choose "Options" on the left.

You’ll see an “Outlook Options” window. Here, in the left sidebar, click “Calendar.”

Select "Calendar" in the left sidebar.

  • Scroll down the right pane to the “Time Zones” section.
  • Then, click the “Time Zone” drop-down menu and choose your new time zone.
  • Then, at the bottom of the “Outlook Options” window, click “OK.”

And that’s it. Outlook on your computer is now using your new time zone.

How to Change Your Time Zone in Outlook’s Web Version

  • To change the time zone in Outlook’s web version, launch Outlook in your web browser.
  • In Outlook’s top-right corner, click the gear icon.

In the menu that opens, at the bottom, select “View All Outlook Settings.”

Choose "View All Outlook Settings" in the menu.

  • In the “Settings” menu, choose Calendar > View. On the right pane,
  • click the “Display My Calendar in Time Zone” drop-down menu and select your new time zone.
  • When you’ve made your changes, at the bottom of the panel, click “Save.”

Choose the new time zone and select "Save."

  • Outlook will now ask if you want to change the meeting hours to use your newly specified time zone.
  • You can update that by selecting “Yes, Update.”

Select "Yes, Update."

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