Use the Client to Connect to the Data Collector-Dell Storage Manager 2016

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After the Storage Manager Client is installed, use it to connect to the Data Collector.


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Start the Storage Manager Client application.On a Linux computer, use the terminal to navigate to the application directory by running:

$ cd /var/lib/dell/bin

Then launch the client by running:

$ ./Client

If the Welcome screen appears, select a language then click Log into a Storage Center or Data Collector.

To change the language displayed in the Storage Manager Client, select a language from the Display Language drop-down menu.

Complete the following fields:

  • ser Name: Type the name of the Storage Manager user that was created during Data Collector installation. You can also use the name of a Storage Manager user that was previously created.
  • Password: Type the password for the user. You can also use the password of a Storage Manager user that was previously created.
  • Host/IP: Type the host name or IP address of the server that hosts the Data Collector. If the Data Collector and Client are installed on the same system, you can type localhost instead.
  • Web Server Port: If you changed the Web Server Port during installation, type number of the updated port. The default port is 3033.

    • Do not select the Use Windows Credentials check box (if present) at this time. To use this feature, the Data Collector must be configured for Active Directory and Kerberos.

Click Log In. The Client connects to the Data Collector and displays the Storage (SAN/NAS) view.

Storage Manager Client Storage (SAN/NAS) View :

The Storage (SAN/NAS) view displays Storage Centers and FluidFS clusters that have been added to your Enterprise Manager user account.


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