How to Block Emails from Specific Senders in Microsoft Outlook with Rules

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There are some people you never want to hear from. You can’t stop them from sending you emails, but you can set up Microsoft Outlook to automatically delete the emails as soon as they arrive. Here’s how. Rules are exactly what they sound like—rules for the Outlook client to follow. You can set up a rule that tells Outlook to permanently delete emails from a particular sender as soon as they arrive.

A rule will only apply to the Outlook desktop client, and Sweep only applies to the Outlook web app. If you use both the web app and the desktop client, you’ll need to set up both.


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Rules work in the folder you create them in, so you need to select an email in your Inbox for this to work. After you’ve selected an email, click Home > Rules > Create Rule.

The "Rules" menu with "Create Rule" highlighted.

In the “Create Rule” panel that opens, click “Advanced Options.”

The "Create Rule" panel.

Check the box next to the “From [name]” option. This is the person whose emails will be automatically deleted before you see them, so make sure it’s the right sender. From there, click “Next.”

The Rules Wizard with the "From" condition highlighted.

Next, check the “Permanently Delete It” checkbox.

The Rules Wizard with the "permenantly delete it" action highlighted.

A confirmation dialogue will be displayed. Click the “Yes” button.

The deletion confirmation message.

Now select the “Next” button and “Next” again to get to the final page of the wizard.

The "Next" button on the Rules Wizard.

Give your rule a name, switch on the “Run this rule now on messages in “Inbox”” option, and click “Finish.”

The final page of the Rules Wizard.

Your rule is now created, and any emails from that sender will immediately and automatically be deleted as soon as they get to your Inbox.

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