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How to Show Changes in Microsoft Excel on Desktop

Do you see something unusual in your Excel spreadsheet? Wondering how the change may have happened? Whether you’re working with others or alone on an Excel sheet, there’s a simple way to see the changes that take place.

With the click of a button, you can view the changes in a workbook for each sheet. You can see who made the edit, when they made it, and exactly what changed. This feature was first made available in Excel for the web but was later added to the Excel desktop application on Windows and Mac for Microsoft 365 subscribers.

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How to Use the Microsoft Excel SORT Function

While Microsoft Excel offers a built-in tool for sorting your data, you may prefer the flexibility of a function and formula. We’ll show you how to use the Excel SORT function with helpful examples. The benefit of using the SORT function is that you can sort the data in a different spot. If you want to manipulate the items without disturbing the original data set, you’ll like the sorting function in Excel.

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