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Cum facem Sticky Notes sa ramana deschis mereu la pornire?

Sticky Notes este unul dintre cele mai simple și mai utile instrumente din Windows. Este echivalentul digital al notelor post-it pe hartie pe care le știm cu totii. Aceasta aplicatie ne ajuta sa fim mai productivi in programul nostru zilnic. La Windows 10 se intampla ca acestea sa nu porneasca automat odata cu Windowsul.
Cum sa pornim Sticky Notes odata cu sistemul nostru de operare?

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Prevent Power Management From Turning Off Your Network Adapter

Windows 11’s power management settings can turn off your various devices, including your network adapter, to save energy. You should disable this option for your network adapter when you’re facing connectivity issues.

To do that, right-click the “Start” menu icon and choose “Device Manager.” In the open window, expand “Network Adapters,” right-click your adapter, and choose “Properties.”

In “Properties,” open the “Power Management” tab. Then, untick the “Allow the Computer to Turn Off This Device to Save Power” option. Save your changes by clicking “OK.”

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Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (2023) Review

The 2023 update to the Razer BlackShark Pro more than doubles the battery life.

+Great microphone
+Very comfortable
+70 hour battery life
+Competitive esports EQ profiles
-No simultaneous audio from Bluetooth/2.4GHz wireless
-Yokes seem flimsy despite being reinforced
-No analog connection

The new BlackShark V2 Pro is a wireless over-ear (circumaural) headset with a detachable boom microphone. Its design is largely the same as that of the original BlackShark V2 Pro. It features a padded, leatherette-covered headband with Razer’s logo debossed across the top, stainless steel sliders, plastic earcups, and fabric-covered memory foam earpads. It comes in both black and white colorways. Tthe black version is entirely black, while the white version has some black elements (black padding on the headband/earpads, black earcups sliders, and a black microphone arm).

The BlackShark V2 Pro is fairly lightweight — the new version weighs the same as its predecessor: 11.29 ounces (320g). This is around the same weight as the wireless SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 (11.46oz / 325g), though it’s not as light as the wired SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1 (8.3oz / 235g). It’s also lighter than the Razer Barracuda Pro (12oz / 340g), though not by much.

The BlackShark V2 Pro’s black plastic earcups are attached to the headband via stainless steel sliders — thin, exposed spokes that definitely look a little flimsy. The earcups slide up and down these spokes for height adjustment. It’s a smooth, easy adjustment. The earcups don’t stay in place when you take the headset off, but it’s so easy to slide them into position when you put the headset back on that this didn’t bother me too much. One of the improvements Razer’s made to the new headset is reinforcing these sliders. And while the headset feels sturdy enough overall, I’d still be wary of tossing this in a bag without a rigid protective case. The earcups tilt but do not swivel (though there’s moderate flexibility for side-to-side movement), so this headset does not fold flat.

The BlackShark V2 Pro’s headband and earpads are padded with soft memory foam covered in Razer’s mesh FlowKnit fabric, which is designed to reduce sweat and help you stay cool. It’s a mesh athletic-wear-looking weave, so this claim seems pretty reasonable.

Most of the BlackShark V2 Pro’s controls and ports are on its left earcup, including a prominent volume knob, a 3.5mm boom microphone jack, a USB-C charging port, a power button, and a microphone mute switch. This is one area in which the new headset is pretty different from the original BlackShark V2 Pro. The original headset had an additional 3.5mm jack for plugging in an AUX cable, but Razer’s done away with wired connections on this new iteration.

The headset comes with a 2.4GHz wireless dongle, a 5-foot (1.5m) USB-C to USB-A cable, a 5-foot (1.5m) USB extender, and a detachable boom microphone with removable pop filter.

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Gigabyte Aorus 10000 SSD Review

The Gigabyte Aorus 10000 is a good alternative for an early adopter PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD. It arrives with an optional, robust heatsink and is otherwise a solid entry. Performance is higher than the previous-generation 4.0 drives, but there’s more of this high speed on the way.

+Fast sequential performance
+Solid all-around performance
+Nice included heatsink
+DirectStorage optimization

-Pricing remains uncertain
-Performance leap over 4.0 is generally underwhelming
-Poor power efficiency
-Faster drives on the way

The Gigabyte Aorus 10000 was one of the first PCie 5.0 NVMe SSDs to be announced. It stands apart with an included optional heatsink, which has aesthetic appeal. With performance that peaks at 10 GB/s of sequential throughput, this drive has plenty of horsepower for demanding workloads.

Gigabyte traditionally markets its SSDs to OEMs, and the Aorus 10000 is difficult to find at the time of review. Since the drive comes bare with the optional heatsink included, this could be a good choice if you want to use your own cooling solution or run multiple drives. However, it is not recommended to operate the drive bare, so laptops are generally out of the target applications. Gigabyte also offers additional software support for this drive which helps gives it a leg up over products like the Inland TD510.

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Ce se poate face pentru a remedia eroarea FWPKCLNT.SYS?

Dacă eroarea BSOD de pe ecran este legată de Fwpkclnt.sys, atunci acest ghid vă poate ajuta.

1. Actualizați driverele

  1. Apăsați WindowsR pentru a deschide caseta de dialog Run
  2. Tastați devmgmt.msc și faceți click pe OK pentru a deschide Device Manager
  3. Accesați fiecare componentă hardware, cum ar fi adaptoare de rețea, adaptoare de afișare etc. Aici luăm un exemplu de adaptoare de afișare
  4. Faceți dublu click pe el pentru a extinde, faceți click dreapta pe driverul listat și selectați Driver Update
  5. Pe ecranul următor, faceți click pe search automatically for drivers
  6. Urmați instrucțiunile de pe ecran pentru a finaliza. Acum urmați același lucru pentru toate componentele hardware.

2. Dezactivați serviciul ELAN

  1. Apăsați WindowsR pentru a deschide consola Run
  2. Tastați msconfig și faceți click pe OK pentru a deschide Configurarea sistemului
  3. Accesați Boot , sub Boot options , bifați Safe Boot și selectați Network
  4. Reporniți computerul și computerul va fi în modul Safe
  5. Deschideți din nou fereastra System Configuration. Accesați fila Servicii și eliminați bifa de lângă Serviciu ELAN
  6. Acum mergeți din nou la Boot și eliminați bifa din Safe Boot
  7. Faceți click pe Apply și OK
  8. Reporniți computerul și computerul se va încărca normal. Dacă acest lucru nu a ajutat, urmați același proces pentru a selecta din nou Serviciul ELAN

3. Utilizați linia de comandă

  1. Apăsați tasta Windows, tastați CMD și faceți click pe Run as Administrator
  2. Tastați următoarea comandă pentru a repara fișierele de sistem și apăsați Enter:         sfc/scannow
  3. Copiați și inserați următoarea comandă pentru a repara imaginea sistemului de operare Windows și apăsați Enter:DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  4. Reporniți computerul pentru a lăsa modificările să intre în vigoare.

4. Utilizați instrumentul DiskCleanup

  1. Apăsați WindowsR pentru a deschide caseta de dialog Run
  2. Tastați cleanmgr și faceți click pe OK pentru a deschide Disk Cleanup
  3. În fereastra Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection , selectați unitatea C și faceți click pe OK
  4. Apoi, faceți click pe Clean up system file
  5. Din nou, în fereastra DiskCleanup: Drive Selection , alegeți unitatea C și faceți click pe OK
  6. Pe pagina următoare, selectați tot conținutul din secțiunea Files to delete și faceți clic pe OK
  7. Acum faceti click pe Delete Files.
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